Return policy

1. In case of return of low-quality Goods (when the food products are damaged), the seller undertakes to pick up the low-quality Goods and replace them with similar goods. In the event that the seller cannot deliver similar Goods, he undertakes to return the money paid for the goods to you.

2. It is necessary to inform about defective Goods or an error by e-mail on the same calendar day when the Goods are delivered.

3. When returning or exchanging Goods purchased in the E-Store, we will ask you to fill out the provided Goods return or exchange form.

4. Depending on the type of Goods offered by the seller, on the same calendar day from the day of delivery of the Goods, you have the right to file a claim with the seller due to discrepancies noticed later and recorded in documents. In this case, the seller undertakes to examine the claim within 1 (one) working day and, in case of a justified claim, to replace them with goods that meet the quality requirements or to return the money paid for the Goods.

5. In all cases, money for returned Goods is transferred by payment order and only to the payer's bank account.

6. The conditions for returning goods do not apply:

6.1. When the goods are perishable or the shelf life of the goods is short;

6.2. When packaged goods have been unpacked after delivery and are unsuitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons.

Return conditions

1. The returned product must be in its original and undamaged packaging.

2. The product must be undamaged by the Buyer.

3. When returning, it is necessary to provide the order number.

4. The product must not have lost its marketable appearance (labels must not be damaged, protective films torn off, components or other elements changed in any way).