Refined sugar. Or maybe a healthy meal without it?

augalinis maistas lieknėjimas maistas lieknėjimu mineralai riešutai skaidulos sotukai supermaistas sveikasmaistas sveikata sveikataipalanku vitaminai

 What is the real damage of sugar to the human body?
    The answers to this question can be found in many different sources. I share concise information about the risks caused by excessive sugar consumption: all types of diabetes develop, weight and obesity increase dramatically, uncontrollable addiction develops, the body suffers, which means it ages much faster, calcium absorption in the body decreases, the cardiovascular system is negatively affected , the digestive system becomes unbalanced, marked mood swings are observed.
  The good news is that there are many other products and healthy snacks, such as Sotukai, that can provide that much-loved sweetness without harming your health. Healthy alternatives to refined sugar are available: natural honey, dried fruit, date syrup and of course fresh fruit.
  Healthy snacks - Sotukai -  wishes you wise choices and strong health!

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