Maybe a healthy snack - Sotukai - with baobab?

augalinis maistas baobabas maistas lieknėjimu mineralai riešutai skaidulos sotukai supermaistas sveikasmaistas sveikata sveikataipalanku vitaminai

While looking for new plants, especially rich in vitamin C, I came across baobab. Baobab is surrounded by many legends, it is called the Tree of Life in Africa, and besides the abundance of valuable nutrients, it has much more vitamin C than kiwis or oranges! Baobab fruits ripen on baobab trees growing in Africa. The fruit has a firm, nut-like shell and white, loose flesh, and grows up to 20 centimeters.
           Vitamin C helps fight fatigue and get rid of free radicals that accelerate the aging process against our will. In addition, when we get a sufficient amount of vitamin C with food, we can enjoy improved metabolism, because this vitamin helps to better transport oxygen and nutrients throughout all the organs of the human body.

       Very soon I will introduce health-friendly Sotukai with baobabs - I am currently experimenting with what it would be the tastiest?

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