What are healthy Sotukai made of?

augalinis maistas lieknėjimas mineralai riešutai sotukai supermaistas sveikasmaistas sveikata sveikataipalanku urbanfood vitaminai

I invite you to familiarize yourself with one of the most important ingredients for Sotukai - Lithuanian berry and fruit powder from Urbanfood.

I discovered this powder a few years ago and used it to enrich breakfast cocktails and flavor desserts. It is an incredibly valuable product, because 1 teaspoon of it provides the same amount of valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber as 100 grams of fresh product. Undoubtedly, the natural taste, color and aroma are also guaranteed.

One of the reasons for the coming of Sotukai was the desire to make a convenient and tasty snack for the family, in which I could fit as many healthy ingredients as possible. The prerequisite was that it should be a non-perishable and convenient snack on the go. Since Urbanfood powder was at hand, the first vegan energy balls of different flavors and colors were born during experimentation.

At the moment, I use blackcurrant, raspberry, sea buckthorn and quince powder in the production of Sotukai. However, chokeberry, rosehip and cranberry are already waiting for experiments on the shelf.

Of course, I am very happy that both Urbanfood and Sotukai products are marked with the "Green keyhole" symbol of healthy food.

I wish you to taste, experiment and be healthy!

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